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Asé Life

Our Mission

Here at Asé Life, we want to serve the community by providing education, resources, and products that help to guide people through traditional IFÁ ÒRÌSÀ spirituality.

It can be difficult to find the answers, community, and support so many of us need when beginning our journey.

We hope to provide the value and support our community is looking for.


The Asé Life Blog

Our blog is coming soon, and it will provide educational content to help guide and enlighten those looking to learn more about traditional IFÁ ÒRÌSÀ spirituality.

The Òrìsà Days Digital Calendar

Did you know each Òrìsà has it's own day?

The Òrìsà Days digital calendar is the best tool to remember each and every Òrìsà Day.

Click the link below to learn more


The Founder

Hi, I am Awo Sàlàkó Awololá, a historian, initiated priest of IFÁ and OBÀTÁLÁ, and the founder of Asé Life.

I have practiced African spiritual traditions for the past 30 years and have dedicated my life to expanding the wisdom of our ancestors to all of our brothers and sisters in the diaspora. 

After returning home from Africa to the United States, I realized that there is a gap between the knowledge and practice of the IFÁ ÒRÌSÀ religion here, verses in Nigeria.

That is because It is difficult to find eduction and community in the traditional Yoruba practice, and understandably so.

However, more and more people in North America are interested in the IFÁ ÒRÌSÀ religion and practice...

and so Asé life was born with this in mind; to help guide others with education, products, and resources to enhance your spiritual journey.